Travelling to new places is always so much fun, but what are some of the benefits of travelling? It isn’t always about the fun. One of the main benefits of travelling is that it allows you to experience new cultures. You will be able to learn about different places around the world first hand. Learning about their traditions through experience rather than a text book. Travelling is an amazing tool for learning. If you find someone in this new country which can speak both English and their native language you will be able to learn this new language. You will find that you pick the language up faster using it... Read More »

The sunny state of Florida in the United States is one of the most popular holiday destinations. But why should we save up our money to visit Florida? The most popular reason people like to visit Florida is for their theme parks. The well known Disney World, Universal Studios and Seaworld are all situated in Florida. They are all amazing parks and worth every penny. Another reason to visit Florida is for their beaches. They some very popular beaches from Miami Beach to Daytona and Clear Water beach. They all offer an extremely relaxing time as well as facilities to keep children entertained. You are bound to have a good... Read More »

I have travelled a lot around the United Kingdom, so I though it was time to share with you my top 2 UK holiday destinations! Llandudno, WalesThis is one of my favourite places to go. It is a beautiful seaside town with lots to see and do! There are cable cars or a tram to take you up a mountain with extraordinary views! Llandudno is also a short drive away from Anglesey where there is a Sea Zoo or RAF base. Also a short drive away is Zip World, where you can zip line through caves or off mountains. Weymouth, EnglandWeymouth is another beautiful seaside town. I have found that... Read More »

Travelling with children can be hard work. But, giving your children memories from many different countries and cultures will give them a far better understanding of the world we live in. So what should you pack for a flight with your children? Depending on their age a handheld console or iPad is always a good idea. These offer hours of entertainment for them with different games and movies. However, for younger children colouring books and stickers will easily help to pass the time. Older children may also like colouring books, but they will need to be catered to their age. Colour therapy books may be good for them. Just remember... Read More »

Top 3 Islands to Visit in Thailand
Thailand has many beautiful islands, but it is possible to choose a wrong island to visit, and this is the worst feeling ever! The major problem most people face in selecting Thai isles is the type of paradise you want. These are the top 3 in our eyes

Top sites in Dusseldorf
Dusseldorf is a very trendy city that’s situated in Western Germany, and there’s quite a lot to see and do. If you’re planning a trip for a few days in the near future, here are some of the top sites: Rheinufer Stretching for over 10 miles along the Rhine, this path is well suited for walking, biking and inline skating, whilst you’ll discover some of the cities oldest buildings. It’s a really beautiful place to relax on a warm day so we hope the weather holds out for your trip! Stadterhebungsmonument Good luck pronouncing this one. It’s the coolest statue to see and if you walk from the old station... Read More »