If you have children of school age, you will know that the government have introduced a fine for parents who decide to take their kids out of school on holiday during the term time. This fine is roughly £80 per day that they are out of school, so is it really worth taking them out of school with this fine looming over you? The truth is, not every parent will receive this fine. There are stories of parents taking their children out of school during term time and not receiving the fine. But this is a risk you have to take. You should always take into consideration the cost of... Read More »

The summer holidays are fast approaching, kids are starting to finish school, with parents taking time off work to go on a much needed holiday! So, what are some of our must-haves for those summer holidays with children? Suncream! You must take suncream with you! No matter what the weather is forecasted to be always pack suncream. You can never underestimate the British summer weather, it is always bound to surprise you. Activity books is another must-have for those summer holidays! They are perfect for keeping children entertained on long journeys without the need for screentime. They can also entertain them during quiet times on your holiday so you do... Read More »

Cornwall is a popular holiday destination in the United Kingdom. This is the most popular for families that wish to head away for the perfect relaxation holiday without travelling abroad. It is very unlikely that we will be able to travel abroad this year to some of our favourite holiday destinations, so holidaying in the United Kingdom is going to be the best option. Now, one of our favourite places to travel to in Cornwall is a lovely seaside town called Bude. This is situated in the northeast of Cornwall, England. Bude is known for being extremely relaxing, with a beautiful beach that has waves perfect for surfing on. As... Read More »

For some of us, the thought of travelling to go on holiday fills us with dread. For others, we just can’t quite afford to go away on holiday even when we are saving each and every penny we have spare. This is where staycations come into play, having a vacation right from the comfort of your own home. Being much cheaper than travelling to go on vacation. Today, we are going to share with you some tips for creating a dream staycation. Clear Schedule To ensure that you have the most relaxing staycation possible, you need to ensure that you have cleared your schedule. Even though you are staying at... Read More »

Travelling with children can be extremely stressful. Today, we are going to look into what some of the easiest places to travel to with your children. The first and most common holiday destination is Spain. This offers a short flight travel time, which means not much entertainment needed. As well as it is a hot destination which is again not unbearable. There are also many child-friendly beaches, theme parks and water parks, offering endless entertainment. Another choice is France. In particular Disneyland Paris. You can travel to Disneyland by Eurostar or flight. These both have a short travel time, making it ideal. This will also bring the same Disney magic... Read More »

Travelling to new places is always so much fun, but what are some of the benefits of travelling? It isn’t always about the fun. One of the main benefits of travelling is that it allows you to experience new cultures. You will be able to learn about different places around the world first hand. Learning about their traditions through experience rather than a text book. Travelling is an amazing tool for learning. If you find someone in this new country which can speak both English and their native language you will be able to learn this new language. You will find that you pick the language up faster using it... Read More »