Australia; The backpacking adventure of a lifetime

Backpacking around Australia can be one of the biggest adventures of your lifetime, with picturesque scenery, amazing beaches and amazing weather, what’s not to love?

Before you set off down under, you need to obtain a visa, depending on how long you want to explore Australia depends on the visa you require. The most popular being the 1 year working holiday visa, as this allows you to travel and pick up work if you fall short on money.

There are so many fantastic destinations within Australia with many large cities too. You get a good mix of city and beach life as you travel along the east coast. Learn how to surf, hike to the top of mountains or even skydive from a plane, there are so many once in a lifetime experiences to be had.

Australia can get extremely hot during the summer, and pretty much all year round, that’s why sun protection is taken very seriously out there.