If you have a holiday coming up or if you are about to explore the world, you may be thinking about travel vaccinations. Vaccinations are an important part of travelling and can protect you from serious illness in a foreign country. Certain countries are exposed to illnesses and disease that we are unfamiliar to and exposure to these can cause you to become seriously unwell. A vaccination provides our body with the initial fighting response we need to help fight against such things, and will buy you time to then seek medical treatment. You should check what risks there are in each of your travel destinations and speak with a... Read More »

While many people may be happy with their current metropolitan lifestyle with a good work life balance, and a luxurious studio apartment, there are others who just enjoy living absolutely free and boundless. Those living in campervans get the convenience to travel to different destinations without even leaving their home. People would easily get captivated with the idea of being a nomad and living the van life, however the major issue arises in the earning aspect of life. So what would be your ideal job notion while you’re sleeping in Ohio and having your daytime lunch in West Virginia? Many campers and nomads earn quite a good living by freelancing... Read More »

Bali: A Great Holiday Destination
Bali is one of the most amazing and enjoyable holiday destinations in the world. This wonderful island has many fantastic natural sites to visit and explore. The island is referred to as the “Island of Gods” due to its magnificent beaches and endless waves for surfing. Moreover, the island is characterised by very colourful ceremonies and talented artists that entertain tourists. The island also has a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, Spas and accommodation, but that’s not all! Here are the 5 reasons why you should consider Bali as your next holiday destination: Value for money Bali offers a good value for your money as a visitor. This is due... Read More »

The Mamanuca Islands are stunning and unique, containing tiny coral atolls, and small volcanic islands all within view of one another. Even though the islands are not overly commercial, they are still popular destinations for holiday cruises and Fiji tours alike. The most well known of this island group, Modriki, was the setting for the Tom Hanks film, Castaway, due to its unique and unspoiled landscape. These beaches also attract honeymooners and wedding parties, as well as backpackers and day trippers. These islands lend themselves to a wide array of commercial water sports activities, including parasailing and windsurfing. Many day cruises, departing from the Nadi International airport stop at the... Read More »

Advantages to choosing an all-inclusive holiday
The popularity of all-inclusive holidays has increased tremendously over the last decade. In fact, First Choice announced in 2011 that all of its vacation packages would be offered on an “all inclusive” basis. Before that year, all-inclusive holidays accounted for 65% of holiday sales for the UK company. Nowadays, the competition amongst holiday destinations is strong. Hence why more companies are trying to provide the greatest experience at the lowest possible price to attract more customers. You would also have the benefit of setting the prices for flights, in-resort transfers, hotel accommodation, meals and local drinks with just one payment. On a side note, there are last-minute deals that often... Read More »

Camping holidays made easy
If you have chosen that your next family venture will be a camping one, it is best to start planning and budgeting what you need early. Firstly, a good quality tent, spending that little extra on a strong durable tent is worth it, as you want the tent to be able to keep your family warm and cosy in the evenings and withstand any weather conditions. Somewhere to sleep, this, of course, is necessary, you need a comfortable sleeping bag that can withstand the temperatures your destination will be at its coldest, select a bag with the correct lowest temperature range to make sure you stay warm at night when... Read More »