Mexico really is a wonderful country with such a unique culture that’s like nothing from any other part of the world. There are many different stunning locations worth visiting but rather than focusing on a select few areas, we want to run through the 3 reasons why you should visit Mexico. Food The food is simply amazing and if you like your spicy dishes, you’ll be in for a treat. What grows together goes together, and that’s certainly the case in Mexico. Weather You can enjoy some wonderful highs and with many beachside locations there are plenty of opportunities for soaking up the sun and enjoying a cocktail such as... Read More »

The best parts of Pai
Pai is a delightful place to visit, and there is a lot to see and do from the famous canyon to the funky cafes, so here are some of our top sights: Walking Street The walking street where there are no road users is a slice of heaven. You can wander around enjoying the foods, trendy products and hippy clothing without any beeping mopeds around. Waterfalls Pai is renown for its waterfalls and there are many great little pools with long, slippery rock faces. There are also many caves too, and these very much go hand in hand with waterfalls so definitely plan a day searching for these natural wonders.... Read More »

Stocking up on sun cream before your trip to South East Asia
South East Asia can be extremely hot at certain times of the year with a pure sun, so you’d expect there to be a lot of suncream in the local shops, however, you’d be mistaken. There is not a great deal of suncream, and often there are only small bottles which cost a lot of money, whilst some are reported to have been fake, so people have been burnt to a blister for buying expensive cream they thought would protect their skin. This is why we say it’s so important that you get a good amount of suncream before your trip. If you have to top up and buy more... Read More »

If you have a holiday coming up or if you are about to explore the world, you may be thinking about travel vaccinations. Vaccinations are an important part of travelling and can protect you from serious illness in a foreign country. Certain countries are exposed to illnesses and disease that we are unfamiliar to and exposure to these can cause you to become seriously unwell. A vaccination provides our body with the initial fighting response we need to help fight against such things, and will buy you time to then seek medical treatment. You should check what risks there are in each of your travel destinations and speak with a... Read More »

While many people may be happy with their current metropolitan lifestyle with a good work life balance, and a luxurious studio apartment, there are others who just enjoy living absolutely free and boundless. Those living in campervans get the convenience to travel to different destinations without even leaving their home. People would easily get captivated with the idea of being a nomad and living the van life, however the major issue arises in the earning aspect of life. So what would be your ideal job notion while you’re sleeping in Ohio and having your daytime lunch in West Virginia? Many campers and nomads earn quite a good living by freelancing... Read More »

Enjoy a Gap Year as a Digital Nomad
If you are skilled in the digital media industry, whether it be design, advertising, photography, marketing, coding, SEO writing or content marketing, you can make money from it whilst you are travelling. Think about it, all you really need is a laptop and Wi-Fi connection and you can have money coming in. There’s no better time to take on a freelance lifestyle than when you’re travelling on a gap year. You can choose to earn a small amount of money on a farm, in a sweaty shop or you can choose to work on a beach, in a comfortable café or on a balcony with glorious views. The digital nomad... Read More »