While many people may be happy with their current metropolitan lifestyle with a good work life balance, and a luxurious studio apartment, there are others who just enjoy living absolutely free and boundless. Those living in campervans get the convenience to travel to different destinations without even leaving their home. People would easily get captivated with the idea of being a nomad and living the van life, however the major issue arises in the earning aspect of life. So what would be your ideal job notion while you’re sleeping in Ohio and having your daytime lunch in West Virginia? Many campers and nomads earn quite a good living by freelancing... Read More »

Enjoy a Gap Year as a Digital Nomad
If you are skilled in the digital media industry, whether it be design, advertising, photography, marketing, coding, SEO writing or content marketing, you can make money from it whilst you are travelling. Think about it, all you really need is a laptop and Wi-Fi connection and you can have money coming in. There’s no better time to take on a freelance lifestyle than when you’re travelling on a gap year. You can choose to earn a small amount of money on a farm, in a sweaty shop or you can choose to work on a beach, in a comfortable café or on a balcony with glorious views. The digital nomad... Read More »

Ancient architecture – Top 3 locations
Some people go away on holiday for a spot of relaxation on the beach, possible just laying back with a book and a pint of lager. Others want to explore history and look at ancient buildings. If this sounds like you, here are three of the top locations to visit: Rome Besides delicious food and classic Italian culture, the best thing about Rome is its history. At its peak, Rome was the most powerful city in the world. Today, sights such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Spanish Steps remind us of what Rome once was. Paris Home to the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sacre Coeur basilica,... Read More »

Malta is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe but it’s not just the superb weather that attracts thousands of holidaymakers each and every year. There are plenty of attractions, such as the Museum of Roman Antiquities, the Grand Master’s Palace, the beautiful beaches and the quiet fishing villages. There are so many different aspects to absorb and the culture is extremely unique, while the dishes are rustic, tasty, and actually rather homesome. Pastry is often used while there’s a hint of Italian with the pasta dishes. Malta benefits from some quite stunning architectural buildings, while the people are extremely welcoming. You can spend time in the busy... Read More »

Travelling by Train from the Midlands – Price Variation
For people residing in the UK, using the train is the only most effective means of transport to work. Unfortunately in recent years the UK government who have failed to tackle powerful unions have allowed train operators and network rail to ramp the prices up for commuters up and down the country. In the last 5 years one could see the purchasing of a return ticket from Wellingborough to Sheffield for just over £20 > In today’s prices this has sky rocketed to almost £35. £15 doesn’t sound like a great deal if you only have to make this trip once every blue moon, but when it comes to people... Read More »

Business Travel Tips For The Avid Business Traveller
Organizations all over the place are finding they need to travel more if they need to meet new clients and to catch new wellsprings of business; the Internet has guaranteed that even tiny organizations can have a client base that is really worldwide! However, any individual who has spent a lot of their time traveling for their business will let you know exactly how tiring it can be. There are a few things you can do to lessen the amount of stress and fatigue that happens and some interesting business travel tips and information that is supplied in this article. Sometimes for instance , baggage turns up gone; that is... Read More »