Backpacking - What to Take?
Backpacking is more popular than ever before and that’s because it’s never been easier to access countries thousands of miles away. Many people make the trip out to Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, America or Africa, but a backpack doesn’t give you a lot of space so you have to choose your items wisely. Phones, wallets, passports, cameras and chargers are essential items, and these must be looked after at all times. Of course there can be some room for clothes, but in most cases you will have to buy as you go along, meaning wearing shorts and t-shirts until they’re ready to dispose of and buying another pair. If you’re... Read More »

Many people have heard of the Inca Trail but what is it and where does it take place? Well, it takes place in Peru and it gives you the opportunity to discover the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu. It takes 9 days to complete usually, and it’s widely known as one of the best trekking routes. In Machu Picchu you’ll be able to breathe in the freshest mountain air, while the sights are quite monumental. You won’t forget your first glimpse of the old Inca ruins, while there are many adventure providers who supply food and professional guides and take you across the Inca heartland in groups. You’ll definitely have... Read More »