Dealing with the sun while travelling

As Brits, we aren’t the savviest when it comes to sun protection, however, in hotter countries, it really is important that you protect yourself from the harsh sun rays. The sun can produce harmful UV levels that can be seriously dangerous to our skin, leading to cases of skin cancer and severe burns.

A good tip is, of course, to stay out of the sun during the peak hours- usually between midday and 2, but this can vary from country to country. Learning to love the shade as it is important to give your skin a rest from constant sun exposure, it will also help to cool you down during high-temperature levels.

Another obvious point is, of course, sun cream. It is important to use the right factor sun protection for your skin, with factor 50 being recommended. Always remember to keep yourself cool, and hydrated while out in the heat, wearing a sun hat will also be beneficial to you.