Many people have heard of the Inca Trail but what is it and where does it take place? Well, it takes place in Peru and it gives you the opportunity to discover the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu. It takes 9 days to complete usually, and it’s widely known as one of the best trekking routes. In Machu Picchu you’ll be able to breathe in the freshest mountain air, while the sights are quite monumental. You won’t forget your first glimpse of the old Inca ruins, while there are many adventure providers who supply food and professional guides and take you across the Inca heartland in groups. You’ll definitely have... Read More »

The Mongol Rally is probably the most monumental yearly mooting event, and it’s basically a drive from London to Mongolia. It is a rally, though and only small rally cars are allowed to enter. The idea is that drivers run into tough issues, while many people do up a car that they’ve purchased from a scrap yard. The idea of the rally is to get lost, to enter dangerous environments but manage to make it to Mongolia to join the other drivers. There’s no right or wrong way to make it to Mongolia and this travel adventure is completely down to you. If you’re not great with cars then you... Read More »

The journey to a gig is all part of the fun, and one of the biggest events recently was in Ibiza, where many globally recognised DJ’s played into the early hours. Tiesto, David Guetta and Afrojack among other big stars spent time in Ibiza recently and while prices have increased over the years, the demand has too. Ibiza has always been a popular location for dance music, and there are many acts that perform on the beach in front of thousands of people. Some argue that this genre of music is not quite as skilled as playing guitar live, but like all music it is an art, and Ibiza is... Read More »