Protecting your skin from the sun on holiday

Many holidaymakers aim for golden sun-kissed skin but end up with red sunburn instead. Not only is sunburn painful and unattractive, it is also extremely dangerous too.

There are a few things you can do to help protect your skin from the strong sun rays on your next adventure:

Shade- laying out in the sun all day can be very damaging to fair skin, so taking some time out in the shade is highly recommended.

Clothing- sun hats can shade your face from the hot sun, while loose long sleeve tops can keep you cool and protect you from immediate sunburn.

Sun cream- applying cream throughout the day can seem like a tedious task, however, it is so important for preventing sunburn and reducing the risk the harmful UV rays can do to your skin. It is always important to apply a fresh coat of sun cream after being in the water or rubbing your skin with a towel or clothing.