Should I get travel vaccinations?

If you have a holiday coming up or if you are about to explore the world, you may be thinking about travel vaccinations. Vaccinations are an important part of travelling and can protect you from serious illness in a foreign country.

Certain countries are exposed to illnesses and disease that we are unfamiliar to and exposure to these can cause you to become seriously unwell. A vaccination provides our body with the initial fighting response we need to help fight against such things, and will buy you time to then seek medical treatment.

You should check what risks there are in each of your travel destinations and speak with a travel consultant or your GP’s travel nurse to see what the recommended jabs are. You should sort out all vaccinations more than 8 weeks before travelling, as some jabs require a certain amount of injections for your to be covered, for example; Rabies comes in 3 separate doses at 3 set time frames for optimum protection.