Stocking up on sun cream before your trip to South East Asia

South East Asia can be extremely hot at certain times of the year with a pure sun, so you’d expect there to be a lot of suncream in the local shops, however, you’d be mistaken. There is not a great deal of suncream, and often there are only small bottles which cost a lot of money, whilst some are reported to have been fake, so people have been burnt to a blister for buying expensive cream they thought would protect their skin. This is why we say it’s so important that you get a good amount of suncream before your trip. If you have to top up and buy more when you’re out there, you should always look to buy from more reputable shops, and possibly check reviews online to see if anyone had any problems with counterfeit suncream bottles before. It’s not something you want to have to worry about, but this sort of thing does happen regularly, so read up if you’re planning on buying suncream in south-east Asia.