The best parts of Pai

Pai is a delightful place to visit, and there is a lot to see and do from the famous canyon to the funky cafes, so here are some of our top sights:

Walking Street

The walking street where there are no road users is a slice of heaven. You can wander around enjoying the foods, trendy products and hippy clothing without any beeping mopeds around.


Pai is renown for its waterfalls and there are many great little pools with long, slippery rock faces. There are also many caves too, and these very much go hand in hand with waterfalls so definitely plan a day searching for these natural wonders.

Pai Canyon

When you’re up high you can enjoy a supreme view of the canyon and you should wait for the golden hour to take the perfect photos, but there are many places to chill out and unwind, so this again is a nice escape from the main city.