Travelling In Term Time – Is It Worth The Fine?

If you have children of school age, you will know that the government have introduced a fine for parents who decide to take their kids out of school on holiday during the term time. This fine is roughly £80 per day that they are out of school, so is it really worth taking them out of school with this fine looming over you?

The truth is, not every parent will receive this fine. There are stories of parents taking their children out of school during term time and not receiving the fine. But this is a risk you have to take. You should always take into consideration the cost of the fine. If you can afford the cost of the fine on top of the cost of your holiday then go for it.

It is known that holiday prices during term time are cheaper. This is because they are not a popular time to go on holiday due to these fines. So, you would be able to go on holiday to the same place for a fraction of the cost of going during the holiday breaks. This is the main reason why so many people are risking being fined as it works out so much cheaper to take them out of school.

You just need to remember that this is their education. You do not want your children to be missing out on their lessons. So, if you are planning to take them out of school, try to make sure they are still learning whilst they are away on holiday. Also do not take them out every term as this will be taking the mick and they will be more likely to fall behind the rest of their class.

Life experiences on holiday are worth the time out of school. But you need to plan this well so they will not be missing out on vital education in the classroom.